Spanish Boccia balls

Spanish Boccia balls for advanced players. Fabric they are made of makes it easy to hold them, even for those with a very weak hands. They pass the newest BISFed tests.

available on request

Boccia Superior Rio 2016 in suitcase.

These handmade balls are made of even thinner PU synthetic leather, they are also constructed in a way which ensures better adherence. Available in 6 degrees of hardness: super-soft, soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-hard, hard.

Price: PLN 1690 +gadget gratis

Boccia Superior Classic in shoulder bag.

These handmade balls are made of highest quality Japanese synthetic leather, features of which include: high elasticity, softness, high durability. Available in 6 degrees of hardness.

Price: PLN 1590 +gadget gratis

Boccia Basic

Boccia Basic offers new strengthened built and better sewing technique which in turn gives greater durability and makes the throw more precise. Suitable for both amateur and recreational playing. Available in medium hardness.

Price: PLN 949 +gadget gratis

Boccia bag - Rio

Boccia bag - Rio made in modern manner and truly lightweight suitable for transporting boccia balls, they ensure that the balls will not crease. Available in three colours: black, blue and red.

Price: PLN 499 +gadget gratis

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