Boccia is a sport dedicated to absolutely everyone. Today we had a proof of that in players from Poland, Italy, Greece and Croatia. As part of the EUROPARAGEDON project, they participated in a professional training session of this sport under wings of Andrzej Janowski - the man behind Świetokrzyski Boccia Marathon.

During this training session Andrzej Janowski presented the rules of this game, at the same time proving that it is the perfect sport for blind people. The coach had meticulously discussed throwing techniques and later on they were presented by player from our region - Mateusz Waksmundzki. In our game we had not only professional players from Italy - Jessica Elisabeth Stocco and Jacopo Baldo but also amateurs who could play the first time.

And as for the fact that during dinner as an answer to a question „What did you like the most we heard boccia, boccia boccia”, it proves that it was all worth it. „You are lucky to have Andrzej Janowski. And we were lucky to meet him” that is what Italian players told us after EUROPARAGEDON.
Jessica Stocco from Sport Association for Disabled "Orange Bowl" and Jacobo Baldo from Sport Association for Disabled "Delfini" together with their irreplaceable assistants Maura Mattiolo and Manuela Torri appreciated the professionalism and passion of Andrzej Janowski who on the 13th of September had so perfectly organized boccia games during which he explained the rules of the game, professional rules for referees, playing techniques as well as organised the tournament on 14th of September. The team from Italy got third place.
„We are sure that our cooperation will develop, because it is rare that you meet such people as Andrzej. It was wonderful experience for us, we had learned a lot and we want more.”.